Terms and conditions of hire

1. Chalet 345 (‘the property’) is offered for hire subject to confirmation by Michelle van Tulder (‘the owners’) to the renter (‘the client’). The Chalet Management Team (‘management’) represent the owner in resort.

2. Booking – In order to make a booking, the booking form must be completed. This must be completed by the party leader (who must be at least 18 years of age) on behalf of all persons named on the booking form confirming the clients acceptance of these booking conditions. The party leader will be responsible for all payments due but individuals in the group can make payments. Once the booking form is received, the despoit is required to be paid to secure the booking. All the prices quoted on the website are in Euros. The booking is only confirmed when a deposit payment of 50% is received. It is essential the client takes out appropriate insurance cover at the time of booking. Payment is accepted via bank transfers but the amount must be received net of any banking fees or charges.

3. Balance payment – The balance of the total cost is payable 8 weeks before the start of the rental period. If payment is not received, the owners reserve the right to give notice in writing that the reservation is cancelled. Reservations made within 8 weeks of the start of the rental period require full payment at the time of booking.

4. Extra services – Any extra facilities or services the client request, via the manager or third party provider, may involve additional costs. The client is required to settle these costs directly with the manager or third party provider, upon arrival, or as soon as the client is told of the costs or invoiced. This is not the responsibility of the owners. If these costs have not been paid, the owners reserve the right to withhold money from the deposit prior to refunding any balance in order to reimburse the manager or the third party provider.

5. Cancellation – Cancellation of your booking must be made in writing. The following cancellation charges will apply:

  • Cancellation received 8 weeks or more prior to arrival Loss of deposit
  • Cancellation received less than 8 weeks prior to arrival 100% cancellation charge

6. Insurance – The client is recommended to arrange comprehensive travel insurance which includes cancellation cover. Mountain sports holidays carry an element of danger and clients must be covered by an appropriate insurance policy.

7. Security deposit – A security deposit of €600 for each booking is required against, for example, loss or damage to the property or its contents or the property being left without the end of stay checklist being completed. If the client does undertake the end of stay check list, €150 will be deducted from the security deposit. This deposit shall not limit the client’s liability to the owners. The deposit is payable together with the last balance payment and will be refunded, within 14 days of check out, once the property has been checked and it is found that no damage has occurred.

8. Cleaning – An end of week clean is included in the price. However, if the client leaves the property in such a condition that it requires longer to clean and the items on the check list are not undertaken, then €150 will be deducted from the deposit. Please let the manager know if the client doesn’t plan to undertake the check list so extra cleaning hours can be booked. The chalet is on a tight turn around in order to get ready for the next guests. Any delay to this process will cause operational difficulties and undue delay to incoming guests.

  • Remove all rubbish and recycling and take to the nearest communal bins (at the car park at the bottom of the hill)
  • Wipe down the kitchen thoroughly, hob, ovens, microwave, fridge, freezer
  • All crockery, cooking utensils, glasses & cutlery should be clean and put away neatly
  • Empty the dishwasher
  • Remove or place any left over food in a box/bag
  • Clean BBQ
  • Close and lock all windows and doors
  • Switch off all lights

9. Rental period – The rental period shall commence at 4pm on the first day and finish at 10am on the last day.

10. Number of guests – The maximum number of people to reside in the property should not exceed the number shown on the booking form.

11. Checking in – The client needs to book their check in time in advance of their arrival. The manager has a full diary of check ins, so sticking as close as possible to this time is essential. The client is required to confirm check in by texting the manager approximatly one hour away from check in to confirm that client is running close to time. If a new check in time is required, the manager needs notice to ensure that they will be able to meet the client at the new time. Failure to do this may result in the client meeting the cost of a second check in.

12. Heating etc – Price includes all electricity (central heating & hot water) and logs for the fire, however, please set the heating to a reasonable level and turn down where necessary.

13. Tenancy – The client agrees to be a considerate tenant, to take good care of the property and to leave it in a clean and tidy condition with all parts of the property in a good state of repair at the end of the rental period. The owners reserve the right to make retention from the security deposit to cover additional cleaning if the client leaves the property in an unacceptable condition including the cost of laundering any curtains, upholstery or bedding where necessary. The hourly cost of additional cleaning is €35.

14. Distrurbance and Behaviour – The client agrees not to act in any way to cause disturbance to those resident in neighbouring properties. All cars must be parked within the boundary of Chalet 345. The client accepts responsibility for any damage or loss caused by them or any member of their party. Full payment for any such damage or loss must be made at the time to the owner of the owners representative or the third party concerned. If the client fails to do so, the client must indemnify the owner against any claims (including legal costs) subsequently made against the owner as a result of the clients actions. The owner expects all clients to have consideration for other people. If in the owners reasonable opinion or in the reasonable opinion of any other person in authority the client or any member of their party behave in such a way as to cause or to be likely to cause distress, danger or annoyance to any third party (including other clients and staff) or damage to property, the owner reserves the right to terminate the holiday of the person concerned without notice. In this situation, the responsibilities towards that person (including any return transport arrangements) will immediately cease and the owner will not be responsible for meeting any costs or expenses they may incur as a result. The owner will not make any refunds or pay any compensation to the individual involved or to members of his/her party or associates wishing to curtail their holiday as a result.

15. Repairs – The client shall report to the owners, or the owners representatives, without delay any defects in the property condition on check in or breakdown in the equipment or appliances in the property or garden. Arrangements for repair/replacement will be made as soon as possible and the client will permit access for this purpose.

16. Sauna – Client use of the sauna is at the clients risk and the owner accepts no responsibility for accidents or injuries sustained while using these facilities. Please observe notices in the chalet regarding permitted use and take care to comply with any rules and safety recommendations made. It is the sole responsibility of the client to follow any instructions provided regarding use of such facilities and children must be supervised by an adult in the client party at all times.

17. Suppliers – Please note that all services are provided subject to the conditions of the relevant supplier. Some of these conditions may limit or exclude the supplier’s liability to the client.

18. Force Majeaure – The owners shall not be liable to the client for any temporary defect or stoppage of public services to the property, nor in respect of any equipment or appliances in the property or garden. Nor for any loss, damage, or injury, which is the result of any adverse weather conditions, riot, war, strikes or other matters beyond the control of the owners. The owners are also not liable for any loss, damage or inconvenience caused to or suffered by the client if the property shall be destroyed or substantially damaged before the start of the rental period. In such an event the owners shall within seven days of notification to the client, refund to the client all sums previously paid in respect of the rental period.

19. The property – The client will not remove any of the contents from the property or make any addition or alteration to the property.

20. Website information and accuracy – All reasonable care has been taken to ensure that the descriptions, facts or opinions on the website are correct to the best of the owners knowledge at the time of being published. Chalet plans and resort maps should only be used as an indication of layout. Scale and dimensions are subject to error and furniture and room arrangements are subject to change. Opinions expressed are personal to the authors. The client should bear in mind that in relation to the information given about the resorts and certain of the facilities available within resort, we cannot guarantee accuracy at all times or that any particular activity will take place as these services are not under the owners control.

21. Cancellation – The owner may in exceptional circumstances be required to cancel the booking in which case a full refund of all monies paid will be made to the client.

22. Limited liability – Under no circumstances shall the owner’s liability to the client exceed the amount paid to the client for the rental period.

23. The owner shall have no liability for personal injury or death. No liability is accepted by the owner in respect of damage to or loss of personal property of the client. The client is responsible for insuring his own contents and personal effects kept at the property.

24. No pets are allowed in the property.

25. No smoking is allowed at the property.